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My name: Mary
My career: News
video producer

How do I contribute to the Hubble
Space Telescope mission?
I produce video reports on major news stories and events related to the Hubble Space Telescope. By publicizing Hubble's important discoveries and contributions, people can better understand and appreciate the universe we all live in.
What or who inspired me to really go after the profession I am in now?
Ever since I was a child, I was often glued to the television set. (This was long before the Internet came to be.) I also loved to write and tell stories. So I combined those two passions and became a television reporter. When I got a job in Houston, Texas, I was assigned to cover NASA, and I gained new insight into what the space agency does.
What I like about my job:
I have the chance to teach the wonders of our universe to people who might not normally care about astronomy. The more I learn about what lies outside our solar system, the more appreciative I am of the planet we are on.
What school subjects do I use at work?
Writing, physics, chemistry, and biology.
Resources I would recommend checking out to learn more about my career:
It would be best to get a general idea of what television and web reporters do before deciding what area to focus on.
What I like to do when I'm not working:
I love watching sports, traveling with my husband, and playing the piano.
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