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My name: Max
My career: Science
instrument analyst

How do I contribute to the Hubble
Space Telescope mission?
I am a science instrument analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute. I have been working here since Hubble launched in 1990. Most of my projects involve the cameras on the Hubble satellite. I design observing strategies and analyze images from Hubble's main cameras, both to calibrate (fine-tune) and maintain them, and for science projects.
What or who inspired me to really go after the profession I am in now?
Carl Sagan and the Voyager and Viking planetary missions.
What I like about my job:
Hanging with the astronauts.
What school subjects do I use at work?
Math, physics, astronomy, speaking, and history.
Resources I would recommend checking out to learn more about my career:
Any books by Carl Sagan and Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' series on PBS. My web site:
What I like to do when I'm not working:
Play with my kids and play basketball.
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