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My name: Gary
My career: Engineering
technician & model builder

How do I contribute to the Hubble
Space Telescope mission?
I construct prototype models of whatever the NASA engineers design. The models are to scale and faithfully reproduce the structure to give a better understanding of what the actual spacecraft will look like. Most models are the beginning phase of a project. I have received everything from crude drawings on napkins to full-scale dimensional drawings. Then I talk to the engineers to get ideas of how the spacecraft should look. I have worked on every project that Goddard Space Flight Center has undertaken during the past 29 years. I have met hundreds of people working on these projects. It is fun interacting with them, and the final product always made them smile.
What or who inspired me to really go after the profession I am in now?
My self-motivation got me to my profession. If I did not put out an effort to make it through the NASA apprenticeship program I would be driving a truck or doing some other uninspiring job.
What I like about my job:
I can be creative. I help promote projects for NASA and meet many people with interesting careers. After constructing the models, I love to see the real spacecraft work in space.
What school subjects do I use at work?
I use skills I learned in math and physics classes.
What I like to do when I'm not working:
I love to go fishing, and I am rebuilding my house according to my specifications.
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