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Interacting galaxies Arp 147

The pair of galaxies is called Arp 147


A pair of interacting galaxies that appears to form the number 10 because of each galaxy's orientation toward Earth. The left-most galaxy, resembling the number 1, appears nearly on edge to our line of sight. The right-most galaxy, resembling a zero, appears face-on to our line of sight.


Found in the constellation Cetus

Distance from Earth

Located roughly 430 million light-years away from Earth

The galaxy at left passed through the galaxy at right, probably causing the blue ring of intense star formation, at right. The lefthand galaxy is relatively undisturbed by the interaction, apart from a smooth ring of starlight.

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"Fast Facts: Interacting galaxies Arp 147" lists in a table the name, location, size, and distance from Earth of these interacting galaxies. A picture of the galaxies is included.

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How to use in the classroom

Use this resource as:

A source of information. Read the table to find out about the galaxies.

A mapping activity. Locate the galaxies' associated constellation on a star map.

A large-number recognition activity. Have students study this table and other galaxy Fast Fact tables.  Students can order objects based upon their distances from Earth.

An inquiry tool. Have students write down questions they would like answered about the image and the information in the Fast Facts table.

An engagement tool. Involve students in a discussion.


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