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Q&A: Statistics is a series of questions and answers about statistics written for teachers and students. The questions are ones that students might ask while studying statistics. Teachers can use this Q&A to gain additional knowledge about statistics, or use it in the classroom as outlined below.
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Grades: Adaptable, at teacher's discretion
How to use it in the classroom

Teachers can use Q&A: Statistics as:

An engagement activity. Use selected questions to start a discussion.

An inquiry tool. Use selected questions and answers to help students generate questions. Propose a question, such as "Why is sample size important?" (see question 3 in Q&A: Statistics). Have students read the answer to the question and write down 3–5 questions they would like answered as a result of reading the material.

A source of information. Students can use the questions and answers as part of their research on statistics.

A form of review. Use the questions as a review at the end of a unit on statistics.

A follow-up. Have students read the questions and answers to gain additional information about statistics following a related activity.

A starting point for debate. "If statistics are flawed with error, why do astronomers rely on them?" This idea is addressed in the questions "What is sampling error?" (see question 16 in Q&A: Statistics) and "Why do astronomers use statistics?" (see question 22 in Q&A: Statistics).

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Teaching tools > Statistics > Overview: Statistics Q&A