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Q&A: Galaxies is a series of questions and answers about galaxies written for teachers and students. The questions are ones that students might ask while studying galaxies. Teachers can use this Q&A to gain additional knowledge about galaxies, or use it in the classroom as outlined below.
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Grades: Adaptable, at teacher's discretion
How to use it in the classroom

Teachers can use Q&A: Galaxies as:

An engagement activity. Use selected questions to start a discussion.

An inquiry tool. Use selected questions and answers to help students generate questions. Propose a question, such as "Why do we study galaxies?" (see question 5 in Q&A: Galaxies). Have students read the answer to the question and write down 3–5 questions they would like answered as a result of reading the material.

A source of information. Students can use the questions and answers as part of their research on galaxies.

A form of review. Use the questions as a review at the end of a unit on galaxies.

A follow-up. Have students read the questions and answers to gain additional information about galaxies following a related activity.

A starting point for a debate. "Will the Andromeda galaxy merge with the Milky Way galaxy when they collide in 5 billion years?" Questions that address this idea include "What is the closest galaxy like our own, and how far away is it?" (see question 4 in Q&A: Galaxies) and "What happens when galaxies collide?" (see question 12 in Q&A: Galaxies).

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Teaching tools > Galaxies > Overview: Galaxies Q&A